Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Looking at older men - through these old eyes!

OK - if you really know me you know I love to look at men . . . of all ages. But something happened to me today that got me thinking about how I look at men. First of all I stopped to pay my cable bill on my way to work and ran into a guy that I have known since I was a little girl he is younger than I am . . . we'll call him "Dean". I have seen him through the years . . mostly jogging through town or snooping around at the Flea Market and I must say he has aged very nicely and then I started to think as he sat there with his bifocals on the end of his nose and small amount of gray at his temples, I look at men differently now that I have become older. Don't get me wrong I still run over the curb watching young guys jogging in my rear view mirror, but now that I have "matured" I find myself looking at them differently. Let's face it at my age most men have had a wife or two and have aged according to God's plan. But not him he's beautiful . . but it got me thinking about what I'm looking for in a man (you know other than the usual, breathing and man parts! . . sorry daughter!) I look at men in a whole new way, gray temples or no hair at all, pot belly's, nose hair . . just kidding about the nose hair! Example; I have known one of my brother-in-laws almost all my life so much that he is almost like my real brother but he looks so cute in his glasses, of course there was a time when he didn't have to wear any glasses and that is what I'm saying - mature men take on a appeal of their own one I never noticed until today. There is something about a mature man that keeps my heart beating, maybe it's the possibility that I still have time to meet someone and grow older with them . . we all have an idea about what kind of person we are attracted to but as I age the list seems to be getting shorter - so if that guy living in the box on the corner is suddenly missing he could be sleeping on my couch . . lol!


  1. You know, your right you we do look at men in a different light as we age. I remember when I first saw a picture of Larry, there was a roughness about him that drew me to him... I know there is someone out there for you and I am sure he does not live in a cardboard box...(lord help her lol). I love you...

    Lee Lee

  2. Hmmm...I stare at men too, but mostly the beautiful, non-nose haired ones. :)