Wednesday, March 4, 2009

If you can't say anything nice . . . .

I can remember my mom saying when I was a little kid "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all". That is pretty much all I can say about why I haven't posted anything in a while . . . I couldn't say anything nice . . . at all. And please don't ask me why . . . someday I'll be ready to talk about all my last month woos . . but not now.

Then last night my beautiful Hanna crawled in bed with me and fell asleep with her head on my shoulder - she had just gotten out of the bath tub and she smelled so good. As I listened to her breathing change while she fell off to dreamland I remembered how much I loved the smell of my kids when they got out of the bath tub and got their jammies on . . then I tucked them in bed and gave them the last hug of the day . . . then I realized that despite the differences my kids have and the stress of my job . . and on and on . . . that God has given me the gift to hold my granddaughter as she fell asleep . . a mind clear enough to remember so vividly the smell and feel of my kids twenty years ago. . . . so no matter how bad I think things are there is always something to really be thankful for. Sometime it's just the small things that make you see clearly all of life's blessing!

So tonight before you go to sleep give thanks for something small in your life maybe something that you take for granted . . . and dream of a past memory that makes you smile.

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  1. Hannah saved the day! I'm glad she gave you those wonderful memories from when the kids were little.... and new memories of life as a granny. With all the other crap that life hands you, just hold on to that precious gift Hannah gave you. All of life's woes will seem so small compared to the giant love you have for your family.