Friday, March 13, 2009

Gotta Love the Sun!

When I left work today heading home through Saginaw I noticed more traffic than usual - of course it was Friday and I was on Bay Road . . . people were driving faster than usual than I started moving along with the music on the radio possibly driving a little faster than usual and it hit me . . . it was the sunshine.
With the promise of a nice weekend ahead people were out and about probably getting errands done and looking forward to the first real nice weekend since last year. It is funny how our moods revolve around the sun, well for me anyway. I will be spending my time indoors most of the weekend working but I do have lots of windows so I can at least see the sunshine and sometimes that is all that I need. . . to just know it's shining, warming up the ground so the flowers and grass can get ready to sprout. I love days like today they give us hope that the winter days are behind us and the long summer days are waiting ahead of us. I am not one to wish my life away but I'm looking so forward to this summer. Kevin will be home for the first time in four years for the whole summer - it will be great seeing him outside with Hanna. Jessica may be spending many days this summer in the States . . . I love taking walks with her and the fun I had with her last 4th of July remains a great memory. Spending time on my parents patio with my family . . . Spring for me is a lot like the caterpillar who is ready to emerge from the cocoon - I'm ready to turn into a summer butterfly and enjoy the sun.

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