Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Food for thought

Tonight on the evening news they are talking about not delivering the mail on Saturday. . . OK I get it with the Internet people get there mail from friends on line, online newspapers and so on. But us older folks remember getting letters not cards but actual letters written from friends or family members. I still have a letter written by my Grampa Pettigrew when I was living in Alabama back in the early 1980's and every time I run across it I have to re-read it. My wonderful friend Joyce who lives in Tennessee still writes a few times a year and I have kept her letters also. Maybe because they are not typed on a computer but written with their own hand that warms my heart . . maybe because I feel honored that they took the time to think about me.
I myself am not a good speller and as you can read I am rotten at punctuation (but I love to type and share my craziness that's why I'm here). So I'm challenging anyone who reads this post to find a few minutes in your busy life to write a letter (not a card, or post card and actual letter) to someone you love, admire or just miss and say hello. Let them know that your thinking about them and wish them well. It will bring a smile to their heart and maybe they to will keep it as a treasure because it came from you. I hope after I'm gone and my children run acoss my treasured letters they read them before they toss them - they are a window into the past.
And for you youngsters who do everything on line . . . give me a call and I'll explain what a stamp is . . . lol


  1. Every year I send a letter to Will & Sue Kain ( a hand written letter) and she in tuen sends me one back. Good friends who I met in my first marriage. We keep each other updated on our kids and grandkids and the trials of everyday life. It is something I look forward to every Christmas season. I should really make a point of doing more with more people.
    love ya, lee

  2. I found your sweet blog through your Daughter's blog. And I have to tell you - I've too had GBP surgery about 4 years ago. I'm 39 and I've lost 114 lbs. I wish you luck! I'll be following your blog as I am a fellow Michigander displaced in Texas! Go Wings!!!! And my sweet boyfriend recently moved to Seattle so I make it a point to sent him a card at least twice a month. Because I think its so important for him to get something in the mail other than bills. Good luck to you and I look forward to future postings. =)