Sunday, February 14, 2010

Someday my Prince will come . . yeah right!

One morning this past week I took my grand-daughter to pre-school in her dads truck when the princess CD began playing . . (apparently they listen to this when they are driving). . . Cinderella started singing "Someday my prince will come" . . . so that got me to thinking maybe I thought that was true in my twenty's or even thirty's but once the forty's came and went I knew the idea of my "Knight in Shinning Armor" was no longer a reality.

So now that I am in my fifties . . my vision of the prince has changed slightly . . . my prince is now a King . . probably retired . . his kingdom is a mobile home in Florida and his white horse is an old white Chevy truck . . with rust on the fender . . if you know what I mean . . lol

My wish for my daughter that she can tell her children her fairy tale someday and that my grand-daughter will be able to repeat her story of love to her children . . . and so on . . . I hope that as long as they live and believe in love they never give up the hope that dreams really do come true.

I still haven't given up hope that I will meet my King someday . . but for now . . I will keep looking at all the Prince's and hopefully they all have single fathers who are Kings . . .


  1. That Faith word of's going to happen when your not

    love ya, lee

  2. When your prince/king comes can you check to see if he's got a younger brother?

  3. Awww mom. I will tell my children CRAZY stories. :) I love you.