Saturday, February 27, 2010

The monster lurking inside of me

I have fought bouts of depression all my life, I have never let it get the best of me but it is always there lurking in the back ground. I don't think I am that much different than anyone else I just admit that I get depressed. I thought when I lost weight it would go away but no . . it follows me around.

There are some days when I don't feel like I really belong anywhere, like I don't fit in with my sisters, family or my friends. I have always felt connected to my two kids and my grand-daughter but lately I feel kind of lost . . have you ever felt that way?

I feel very disconnect and am not sure how to get "reconnected". . .

I think people sometimes think just because you smile a lot that everything in your life is great . . that is a misconception.

Maybe it's the lack of sun lately that has me singing the winter blues . . I miss being able to just walk out the door and work out all the worlds problems with just a good walk. Hopefully spring will get here and feeling the warm sun on my wrinkled face will make the world right again . . .

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  1. Actually I have always thought that depression is the way of the devil sneaking into your head to make you feel bad...I know that sounds kind of weird....just chase it away with a wonderful song...hmmm like lets see maybe brown eyed girl or maybe that first glimps of Kevin's face when you saw him for the first time after his return from war....that is enough to give you a reason to smile....the devil can just forget about getting in when you are thinking about your kids