Saturday, May 22, 2010


I took a trip last week to Tennessee to see my wonderful friend and her husband. They are the nicest people in the world . . no really in the whole world. If you met them you would think the same thing. We have been friends, as she pointed out on this trip, for 35 years. To some that is a life time but to me it seems like just yesterday that we met. My friend is a older than I am by about 17 years, back when I was 19 I thought she was to coolest women I had ever met, married with a good hard working man, nice girls a nice house and worked part-time . . just like I had always thought my life would be like . . . OK well that didn't happen . . but I did get the two nice kids! She was a good daughter when her parents were alive and is a good sister to her siblings, a great mom and a wonderful grandmother and a loving wife. She is wise beyond her years and is not only beautiful on the outside but is beautiful on the inside. She worships God and doesn't judge man by the color of his skin and that is one of her most endearing qualities to me.

Well I guess my point is . . . or what I am trying to say is . . . wonderful friends in your life are such treasures . . she gives me wisdom, unconditional love, laughter and just knowing her is a privilege . . and that is what friendship for me is all about. We have laughed together until our belly's hurt . . and cried together.

I am a better person because of her, she opens my eyes to what life holds for me as I grow older and the grace she carries herself with is amazing. I admire her in every way . . . I hope that you have someone in your life that changes you for the better if so make it a point to spend some time with them it is good for your soul.

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  1. Wow! You know I guess I am as fortunate as you are because I have two of the most awesome sisters in the world...I consider myself very fortunate to have you and Kel as my sisters and my best friends. Having a good relationship with your siblings is something I have found out is a very cherished thing to have. Since my journey on this program and my relationship with God, I have found an inner peace that has forever changed me and the love I have for my family and friends is deeper and stronger than I ever thought I guess what I am saying is when are we going to hang out?? I love you and cherish you more than you know.