Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have always been a forgiving person . . don't hold a grudge, usually never get mad, pretty easy going. I have always felt that judging people or the things they do wasn't my job . . because we will be judged in the end for the choices we make. . . right?

So when you forgive someone for doing something that really hurt you . . do you forgive unconditionally or do you keep that lie or hurtful comment in the back of your mind? Do you let the people you love influence your decision to forgive. . . and if you forgive someone for something hurtful . . does it matter if your family or friends understand why you forgave? Will the people you love understand the goodness inside you that allows you to forgive? The decisions we make do effect the ones we love . . but in the end whether anyone understands why we do what we do . . love never changes and people who love you should love you unconditionally . . .

Unconditional love and forgiveness is the only way I know how to love and to forgive, I thank my parents for that and hope my children have learned or as they age will look back and remember that forgiveness is as important as it gets!

So if there is someone in your life that you miss over something silly . . send them a card, give them a call, say a prayer for them and it let go . . . . it is Spring time . . . time to remember just what Spring is for . . . forgiveness and growth . .


  1. On some long ago Oprah episode, she talked about forgiveness and I think her philosophy is one of my favorites: "When you don't forgive you carry the poison inside you. The poison is in YOU, not the person in need of forgiving. The person who did wrong to you is probably not giving the incident a second thought. The cost of not forgiving is to you. You are holding the poison that's hurting you and holding you back from your best life ... so when you forgive, it's the poison you let go of it, so you can free yourself. Forgiveness isn't "forgetness" - just because you forgive someone, doesn't mean you forget the wrong that was done or give your blessing to that person for their action - by forgiving, you are simply releasing the poison within you and giving yourself the freedom to go on."

  2. yea, what Pam said. But it's isn't always easy for some family to forgive, I think you know what I'am talking about. But you need to free yourself from the bitterness that holding onto a grudge, how it just makes your stomach turn. So let go, take a deep breath and learn from what happened. Lol Kel