Sunday, January 25, 2009

Maybe I am lacking more in my life??

At my age making decisions becomes a major event. Like hair color I spend lots of time wondering what to do about my hair color - I could go really wild but then I would look like I was trying to be to young and if I stay safe . . . (reddish brown) then I feel boring. So I'm having my hair highlighted again tomorrow. . . why do I make this such a big deal it's just hair.
I plan my meals a day at a time, heck I even know which day I will be doing my laundry and cleaning my bathroom - my calendar is full of appointments for dinners with friends and time with family - but I can't seem to make a real decision on hair color. Does this mean I need more "fiber" so to speak in my life?? I have a very full life - wonderful kids, granddaughter, family and friends, a good job and God in my life . . . so what's my problem when a little thing like this gets so much of my attention! I think if I took the time and worry I put into making small decision and more time working on my craziness . . . little decisions wouldn't be such a big deal.
The biggest one is I need to declutter - I'm taking a tip from my friend Pam, she has a great plan to do "Five for Friday's" pick five things you need to do and get them done on Friday . . or whichever day works for you. I think I'm avoiding my clutter by spending to much time on the little mindless decisions that really don't matter much. I have tons of things that need to find a new home, I did make one step in the right direction, I found a co-worker who will take most of my craft stuff - so that will be a big help. Now I just have to get motivated to box it up and get it out of my house. Maybe I'll set a goal to have half boxed up by mid-February . . . OK probably not going to happen . . maybe instead of spending so much time worrying about making mindless decisions . . . I'll day dream about decluttering!

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  1. About your hair color, I actually think your hair has looked the best the past few months, the best it ever has. About the clutter, youi do have alot but you have a way of putting it all together and it looks so good so don't beat yourself up on that. Our crafting days were fun and as soon as I get my own house I am looking forward to doing somethings for myself. I also like your friends idea about the five on fridays...thanks I might have to try that.
    love you lee lee