Monday, January 19, 2009


What constitutes your mood for the day? If the sun is shinning when you open your eyes
are you happy, smiling, joyful??
If it's gloomy are you crabby, sad, a grouch?
Well I pride myself in being a fairly even tempered person. But today when I got to work (I'm working 8 hours overtime this morning, I am on afternoons) the "new guy" was at my desk. Now mind you we don't have assigned desk, we are on a schedule and are assigned areas by our schedule. But when you are on overtime you work the desk that is vacant . . well today two people are off. So in my mind I thought because I had department seniority I would have a choice . . . well one can dream! Well when I saw the new guy at the desk that I left all my stuff sitting at when I left last night at 11:30 I was surprised . . one because he had shoved all my stuff to the end of the desk and then told me if I would get to work earlier I could have had the choice . . . well as it was I was 20 minutes early only got about 4 hours of sleep and didn't expect that kind of reception on Monday morning. MOOD SET . . . I'm a crab . . or maybe even the big B word. I have to work 16 hours today and tomorrow and I don't want to talk to anyone . . out of the ordinary for me. Maybe as the day goes on I will snap out of it.
Maybe what made me so mad is that he was a smart "a" . . hey that's my job. However I wouldn't have said something rude to my "new co-worker". The new guy is now my rotation partner, I hope I shake off my new dislike before we are working alone together . . or this will be a long 14 years until retirement.
So as I type this I can feel the wrinkles between my eyebrows gaining strength - my teeth hurt from clenching them and my overall body language saying just stay away from me. So I guess thank goodness for bypass surgery or I would be face first in a Hershey Bar . . sitting here with chocolate from ear to ear . . . just the thought of that is making me feel better already! : )
Well maybe writing down your feelings does work - I do feel better venting - but I'm still not ready to be nice to the new guy . . shame on me!
I'll go think about chocolate now!

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  1. Your a bigger person than I am I would of really had to bite my lip on that one. Well cudos on just thinking about the chocolate....good job love ya...#3