Sunday, April 5, 2009

Am I ready for cyber life?

I work such crazy hours and thankfully I can access a few things on the Internet here at work like blogs, email, my favorite site "obesityhelp". I can't access "facebook" or "myspace" and lately I have been getting tons of activity . . . OK not tons but more activity than I thought. I heard from Lauria, she is the daughter of the doctor my kids had while they were growing up, she sent a note wanting first to know how old they are and then what they were up to. I heard from a few high school friends who had nice comments to say about my picture. It's where I can find my favorite cousin, Kitty and hear from an old co-worker. At 51 have a "facebook" a "myspace" who'd figure! Kevin set up one and Jessie set up the other. It took me days to figure out how to change the picture and someday I want to add photos of my children and grand angel but haven't had the time . . as it takes me forever.

So I just feel like I'm from the old school where we call each other, run into each other in the store or the gas station. Don't get me wrong it's nice to see all my daughter's adventures in her blog and reconnect with old friends but I don't know how well I am at this cyber life . . .

I guess I am that old dog who does not want to learn new tricks!


  1. Kristy, There is nothing wrong with being old school! =) Its a romantic notion to make phone calls and write letters. Its much more personal and take more of your time and thought than a quick text or note on a face book page. So you stick with your Old Tricks girl. I love it. =)

  2. Hey Kris:

    Well, no FACEBOOK for me (yet, anyway) - my life is way TOO boring - whoever was reading it would fall asleep in mid-sentence. LOL! I do agree with the "old school" beliefs, however. If someone is nice enough to take the time to help someone out, etc., they should send a nice note or card and write it out BY HAND - yes yes, one must spend money on a stamp (however, I do find the more I am on the computer the more my handwriting has suffered!) Back to penmanship class for me!!! Your UP Friend :)