Thursday, April 23, 2009

Working so much is interferring with my life!

I have never given much thought about winning the lottery . . one, I think I would have to play to win and second, anyone who knows me knows I have rotten luck! But working so much lately has me fantasizing about what I would do if I didn't have to work, would I be a happier person?

I just finished an article on "10 Things Scientists Say Can Make you Happy"

1) Savor Everyday Moments . . you know "smell the roses" or smell the chocolate whatever works for you

2) Avoid Comparisons . . . Keeping up with the Joneses . . or the Mike & Kelly's of the world . . . . lol

3) Put Money low on the list . . which I find easy when you don't have it

4) Have meaningful goals . . "happiness lies at the intersection between pleasure & meaning"

5) Take initiative at work . . . take a risk . . (like using the bathroom after a co-worker who's been in there for 15 minutes)

6) Make Friends, Treasure Family . . like to think I do this one . . but always room for improvement.

7) Smile even when you don't feel like it . . mission accomplished . . I do it to irritate people

8) Say thank you like you mean it . . . this is one of my favorite! thank - you, thank all of you!

9) Get out and exercise . . . working on this one daily . . makes you feel so good and who doesn't love to sweat!

10) Give it away, Give it away now . . . money, time, helping a neighbor, donating goods . . also makes you feel good! I really am working on this one . . I have tons that could go.

If I had more free time on my hands I could work on the list of 10 things . . but wait I am happy . . . so could these make me happier? So my goal the next two months is to incorporate these 10 things into my life - I believe that I do most of them anyway. . . but I'm adding a few more of my own.

11) Make sure I thank God each day for all of my blessing . . .especially the little ones that I often overlook

12) Don't get out of bed without stretching . . toes pointed and hands over your head . . not a sight for the weak at heart!

13) Sing out loud in the car . . OK try to look like your talking on your cell phone if it makes you feel better . . . like I've done that one

14) Take a deep breath of fresh air . . . fill up your lungs . . but don't swallow any bugs

15) Try to find time to look up to the heavens at the clouds or stars depending on the time of the day . . make sure you stand still for this one . . you know dog poo and all

You know if I ever do win the lottery I would just give most of it away . . . maybe having lots of money is over rated . . .


  1. Hmmm I don't play the lotto much, lar does and I think if we ever won we would think of our kids first just like you. I like the list. I do one of them at least everyday and that is I thank God for allowing me to wake up each morning...I do the looking up at the sky, sun clouds also bad I do it when I am

  2. I totally sing in the car.

    All the time.

    By my calculations, I should be about the happiest person alive. :)

  3. Hey Kris:

    LOVE #15 - BUT in OUR yard - you NEVER KNOW what kind of poo you're going to step it - it could be dog, goat, chicken, geese - I've lost count.... LOL!

    Your UP Friend.... :)