Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What happens in the Spring?

Remember the movie Bambi?? When the little skunks get "twitterpated" . . crazy in love, well I think they were just crazy with Spring Fever. Something happens to us when the days become longer and the sun starts to feel warm on our skin. I feel like a crazy women this Spring . . I have so much I want to do I feel like a caterpillar coming out of my "winter cocoon" shedding my old winter skin. I love waking up to the sound of the birds singing in the trees . . . heck I just like waking up . . lol!

I'm celebrating all the simple things these days. There has been madness in my life lately, actual gun shots on my block, tons of crazy overtime and yet I'm celebrating my blessed life . . . . yes Young Traveler time does go by fast . . wait until you are over 40 and see how fast life goes by. Each Spring is like a rebirth of nature and ourselves . .

Rejoice in this Spring and get a little silly in the craziness of the excitement . . . get twitterpated about something or someone in your life!


  1. I hear you on the waking up thing. I feel like I am more sentimental (if you can believe that lol) about just being here. Your right must be an age thing. Take time to smell the roses and then some.

    love you,

  2. Time is RUNNING--I'm just trying to keep up. I <3 you. :)

  3. Hey Kris!
    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Send some of that "Spring weather" up our way, will you? I work up to 31 degrees AND frost this morning! Hard to get "twitterpated" when it's that cold! LOL! :D

  4. Oops! The above post was from me! Sorry! Your UP Friend.... :)