Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pushing myself or just quilting myself?

OK - so I'm going to walk this race on Mackinaw Island in June - little over 6 miles . . and I'm freaking already. So I have started this hard core (ok hard core for me) training schedule. I'm going to this place on the River Walk that is away from the normal walker crowd - it has some activity but not like the beautiful walk along the river - this walk has no view to speak of but it a great 2.5 miles to train on. I power walk most of the trail but just before I start to cool down I Wiggle Run . . that is what overweight old women do when they can't run . . . lol

I wonder where this strength has come from and why didn't I have this when I was younger?

I did a 5k on Saturday and it was kind of a crazy course - some pavement some trail. It had rained the night before and was slippery in spots but I did pretty well 50:30, which for an old gal isn't bad. I am really not in the best of shape if you were to look at me but I have found a strength that is amazing even me! Walking for exercise is really becomming addicting - it's becoming almost a guilty pleasure - I wonder how I ever did it without an IPod before. Sometimes when I'm driving down the road and hear a song I want to walk to I find myself searching for a pen and paper to write it down so I can download it to walk to . . . what's that about!

I'm always telling my kids about "hind site" and how it really is always 20/20, and in this case taking care of myself years ago would have been the thing to do. But there goes that hind site again. I know that I have lived more than half my life already . . . and I'm living it and enjoying what I got left to the fullest and those dirty dishes that I'm leaving in the sink so I can walk or watch Hanna play will just have to wait!


  1. Hey Kris!

    Don't freak out! You will love the Island - OH and 'by the way' - it's spelled MackinaC (with a "C") ya know!!! LOL! You darn fudgies.... HA! HA! Can't wait to see ya! Annette :)

  2. Mom-you are a super strong woman. I can't wait to do 5k's with you.