Saturday, May 30, 2009

My obession with other people's junk!

They say on man's junk in another man's treasure . . and I believe that. I have yet to convince my children that junk picking is an art . . there is junk picker's edict to follow and all in all it can be quite rewarding. My house, yard, garage and life are filled with "my treasures". I have been going to the flea markets and junk picking since I was about 17 years old . . and heck I'm good at it. I have a solid cedar chest that I used as a coffee table for years and like the original owner I have memories of my own with it . . the two cat's who couldn't quit scratching at the corner's . . and who can forget my two children fighting while I was a work and Kev breaking his foot on that same corner as he tried to kick his sister . . . OH SWEET MEMORIES!

I have tried to curb my collection of "junk", but living within walking to a flea market that runs April - October is like a heroin junkie living next door to his dealer . . . it's so hard. I have to say that seeing on how I'm working toward selling my home and looking for a smaller one I have not been buying any goodies . . but then last weekend it was like a miracle . . really Jess! There it was an old window the perfect size for a place in my bedroom - it was calling my name and I caved . . it' perfect . . peeling paint . . rusted old window latch . . how much better can it get you say . . . it was a bargain price of . . . are you ready . . . $5.oo . . . oh don't to toy with me! I am now the proud owner of that beautiful window.

I actually think I have a fascination with old windows - I have four old windows hanging in my living room, chipped paint and all. I'm using two really cool old "8 pane" windows as a head board for my bed. I wonder if the fascination with windows is that I'm wondering who looked out those windows so long ago and what they saw . . . or maybe it's just because I like old things, I always have. I don't have a lot of priceless antiques but the treasures I do have I love. I'm always telling my kids when I' m gone they should think twice about tossing my "junk" because some treasure do have some value, but maybe it was the thrill of the hunt that makes it a real value to me!

This summer I'm going to try to lure Jessie to the "dark side" with me . . I'll let you know how it goes . . . I'm sure I can find a flea market or an antique festival that will be calling my name and in time with enough convincing . . . maybe Jessie will get the calling . . OH a Mom can dream can't she!


  1. I'am waiting for the day when my sister, the flea market junkie can actually park her car in that big building you call a garage, instead of all the "treasures" being parked there!!and also thinking that she is hoping that someone will look through the windows of her headboard! I have to admit that you have been very good so far, but then again it is only May 30th.

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  3. 1. You definitely have more than old windows.
    2. You are ALL ABOUT the thrill of the hunt.
    3. I won't be so easily won over. I'm trying to simplify. However, I have been known to cave for the price of a cup of coffee.

    I'm just sayin.'

  4. Jessie is missing out. But she will cave. They always do.