Friday, April 10, 2009

The cost of getting healthy!

I have made a commitment to myself that 2009 is the year I will finish the journey I started in January 2006 - have my skin removal surgery and get back to working out at least 30 minutes a day 6 days a week. One of the goals that I set for myself is to find 5k races in Mid-Michigan and walk one each month, March - October 2009.
So I've been walking my dog as often as my work schedule will allow to get some training in and I thought the shoes I had gotten would be great for my new venture . . . I was wrong! So on my sisters advice, thanks Kel, I went to Runners. Don't go there thinking you will get a pair of shoes for 19.95 . . . 150.00 later I had 3 new pair of socks and a great pair of walking shoes.
Saturday morning my friend, Pam and I headed out to walk a 5k in Flushing. Although the sun was shining it was rather chilly but once we got going it warmed up. This is the first time I have walked a race alone (at my own pace) - it was a great opportunity to set a time to base future races on. With my I-Pod ready to roll we headed out, Pam set out on her pace and was off on her own and me at my pace . . . dam short legs! Having my I-Pod with all my favorite songs . . . ZZ Topp . . . Lynard Skinnard (? on spelling) and of course . . . the best of Disco . . a little Cyndi Lauper . . "Girls just Wanta have Fun" I was off! Just when I didn't think I had it in my to go another step farther . . . "We are Family" starts blaring on my I-Pod . . . yes I did have all my sisters with me . . Jessie, Kelly, Lee, Margie, Auntie Kay, Donna, Jenny, Bonnie and Annette were all there in my head telling me I could do it, keep going, don't give up . . and there it was the beautiful line on the payment that said I was in the last mile and than as "Family Tradition with my man Hank" started . . . there was the finish line . . . I was almost there.
I completed in 51.40 . . . I was thinking an hour maybe an hour and 10 minutes . . (you have to remember that I'm just starting out.) I was so very proud of myself (I did however pull a mussel in my upper leg which I'm nursing here at work with a heating pad) . . . but all in all I'm feeling pretty good about my accomplishment. I'm looking forward to next month when I will walk another local race.
In June, Pam and I will be heading to Mackinaw Island for a 10k race . . . the thought of walking 6 miles has me a little freaked out but she says it's just like walking around Cedar Point . . . I forgot to tell her . . . I hate Cedar Point . . lol


  1. CONGRATS, girl! That is GREAT and THANK YOU for including me in as "sister" - you know how I feel about you - you are JUST like a sister to me!! :) You will absolutely LOVE Mackinac Island - HOPEFULLY the lilacs will be out in all their splendor when you get there! Sometimes they are out and sometimes not - depending on the year and how warm/cold it's been. Either way, you will enjoy it... Love, UP Friend :)

  2. I love Mackinac Island!! I miss Michigan so much. =(

    Good for you for walking your 5K!!! I'm proud of you. Keep it up Kristy. The more you walk the faster your pace will get.

  3. Sorry been kind of busy and I too as your baby sister so very very proud of you. I hope to be able to go on one of those walks with you someday. I have a little more physical therapy with the knee and I will be able to kick it in gear. I am not proud of where I am but keep it up sissy because you give me hope. Love you much! Lee Lee