Thursday, August 27, 2009

A camping I will go . .

Tomorrow I'm going camping . . in a camper with my son and grand-daughter and I feel like I'm a little kid. Camp fires, marshmallows . . here's the kicker . . I'm only going to be about eight miles from home. My brother and his family and friends go to the local camp ground a couple times a year and pretend they are far away from home. They all meet at one camp site and sit by the fire and relax, laugh and just enjoy each others company.
My parents just purchased this new camper so their grandchildren and their great grandchildren could experience camping like we did when we were younger. I use to love to go camping with my parents . . my brother loved to fish and my sisters would hang out and I LOVED TO SLEEP . . there is nothing like sleeping in the great outdoors. I have great memories of my family and those camping trips, we were a close family back than and still are.
But . . now that I'm MUCH older and my body hurts when it's not in my own bed . . I figured eight miles from home . . heck I can stay at the state park and leave at bed time . . shower at home and then head back to the park the next morning . . . so am I really camping?

Maybe I'll call this my "Mini Camping Trip" . . . lol

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