Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cha Cha Cha Changes . . .

I have so many changes going on in my life right now I can't seem to gather my thoughts without them being so scrambled up . . like eggs in a fry pan!

I love, love having my daughter in the State . . having her here is a blessing.

Love seeing my son. . getting ready for the next adventure in his life . . being in his own home and new life with his "school girl" . . 5 years old and now missing two teeth . . time is just flying by.

One of my girl friends just got engaged . . I cried because I am so happy she has found love but jealous because I can't seem to get my arms around it myself . . . . oops got side tracked . . lol

The biggest change I see in my near future is I will have an empty nest for the first time in a long time. I look forward to having my children over for dinner, laying on my couch watching a football game in my pj's on a Saturday afternoon if I want. . and if a mess is made it is made by me.

If I want friends over after the bar closes to sit on the porch and just hang out . . I can without disturbing anyone. . . I can walk around without a bra on . . aww sweet freedom . . lol

I will learn a new kind of loneliness not having Hanna under foot but I will be able to be a "granny" in the way that I have longed to do . . and I will be good at it!

Even though I look forward to having my house back to myself I am worried that the loneliness will get the best of me . . . so I have a game plan . . I have a ton of projects that will keep me busy . . painting and working on the trim for the living room . . getting ready for the realtor next Spring.

I plan on attending many meetings for my food addiction . . I will get my treadmill out from the corner and back in use. . .

I will keep writing in my journal . . spending quiet time with my thoughts and God. .

Life changes for me are like changing my panties . . everyday is something new . .

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