Thursday, August 26, 2010

Continuing to Ramble . . . . .

My mind can't seem to concentrate on any one thing lately . . so I will ramble once again with more useless nonsense!

Why did it take until I was 53 to get my shit together?

Working in the bar is much more fun than my real job . . to bad they don't have a 401k and benefits . . working their reminds me what I don't want to become and also reminds me that even though I think my life is lonely without love . . that is not the place for me to find it

The 34 year old around the corner flirting with me is becoming the highlight of my lonely days!

I miss talking to my friend . . even though I wish him well it is hard to just let go of the communication . . I loved being a part of his thoughts!

Having my daughter just a few miles away is a very comforting . . we are becoming great "girlfriends"

I see God working all around me and it makes me smile!

Seeing my son so happy is like a drug for me . . gets me high!

Vitamin B is my energy source

I love the cool mornings and the star filled nights . . means football is just a few weeks away

Why do I have so many pairs of shoes?

Will I ever find real love????

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